Banking in Qatar

Information on the banking system in Qatar. Find out how to open an account, plus an overview of the banking services available...

Several Qatari and international banks operate in the country. Qatar Central Bank is the country’s banking regulator.

Main Banks in Qatar

The addresses of the main branches are listed below; the phone number is the main customer support or telephone banking line, unless otherwise stated.

  • Ahli Bank of Qatar
    At: Suhim Bin Hamad Street, Al Sadd, PO Box 2309, Doha
    Tel: 800 2222
  • Al Khaliji Bank
    : Al Jazi Tower, 60 Asia Street, West Bay, PO Box 28000, Doha
    Tel: 4494 0000
  • Arab Bank
    : Grand Hamad Street, PO Box 172, Doha
    Tel: 4438 7878
  • Bank Saderat Iran
    At: PO Box 2256, Doha (head office)
    Tel: 4441 4646
  • BNP Paribas
    At: Al Fardan Office Tower, 61 Al Funduq Street, West Bay, PO Box 2636, Doha
    Tel: 4453 7537
  • Commercial Bank of Qatar
    At: Commercialbank Plaza, 380 Al Markhiyah Street, 60 Al Dafna Area, PO Box 3232, Doha (head office)
    Tel: 4449 0000
  • Doha Bank
    At: Grand Hammad Street, PO Box: 3818, Doha
    Tel: 4445 6000
  • HSBC
    At: Airport Road, 150 Al Matar Street, Umm Ghuwailina, Doha
    Tel: 4442 4722
  • International Bank of Qatar
    At: Suhaim Bin Hamad Street, near Al Sadd Street, PO Box 2001, Doha
    Tel: 4447 8000
  • Mashreq Bank
    At: Amwal Tower, West Bay, PO Box 173, Doha (head office)
    Tel: 4408 3333
  • Masraf Al Rayan
    At: Grand Hamad Street, P O Box 28888, Doha
    Tel: 4425 3333
  • Qatar Development Bank
    At: Grand Hamad Street, PO Box 22789, Doha (head office)
    Tel: 4459 6666
  • Qatar International Islamic Bank
    At: Grand Hamad Street, Doha
    Tel: 4462 5666
  • Qatar Islamic Bank
    At: Grand Hamad Street, Doha (head office)
    Tel: 4444 8444
  • Qatar National Bank
    At: Cornich Road, PO Box 1000, Doha
    Tel: 4440 7777
  • Standard Chartered
    At: Abdullah Bin Jasim Street, Doha
    Tel: 4465 8555