Using a Qatari Bank Account

Find out about the products and services available from banks in Qatar, plus bank opening times...

The two main types of accounts offered by Qatari banks are current accounts and savings accounts. Some require the holder to have a minimum deposit in the account at all times, while others may stipulate that a monthly salary is paid directly into the account. Cheque books and debit cards are usually issued, and functions such as direct debit and standing order transfers are available. Online and telephone banking is also available with many banks. Credit cards are offered with some accounts, but fees may apply for this and some other services. Cheques and statements can be issued in English upon request.

Opening hours

Banks generally open between 07:30 and 13:00 Sunday to Thursday, and some main branches re-open in the afternoon and on Saturdays. Most close on Fridays.

ATMs, cash and card payments

  • ATMs are widely available around Doha
  • Debit cards are accepted in most major retailers
  • Some petrol stations and smaller traders remain cash-only

Issues for Expatriates

It is a serious offence in Qatar to issue a cheque that bounces, and doing so can result in imprisonment and possible deportation. Always ensure there are sufficient funds in the account to honour any cheques written. Be aware that cheques that are not crossed with “A/C Payee Only” along the two diagonal lines can be cashed by anyone.

The practice of issuing post-dated cheques, which used to be prevalent when paying for things such as rent or buying a car, was made illegal in 2010.

It is possible to transfer money from a Qatar account to an account in the home country, but many banks will charge for this service. Exchange rates can vary too. It is also important to be aware of any taxation liabilities in the home country when transferring large deposits internationally.

An alternative to opening a Doha-based account is to use an international account set up before arriving in Qatar, or an offshore account for transferring savings to without incurring tax in other countries.