Leaving Qatar and Moving On

Information on what to do when moving from Qatar; including notifying schools and residency officials, closing bank accounts, ending contracts for utilities and insurance, exporting cars and moving pets...

When leaving Qatar and moving on, there are a number of tasks to be completed before departure.

Exit Permit

Residents with a Family Residence Visa do not need an exit permit to leave Qatar. However, sponsored residents who have a Work Residence Permit do need to obtain an exit permit, even if leaving Qatar temporarily.

Applications for an exit permit can be made online, in person at the MOI Passports and Airport Security Department or at immigration offices in the following locations:

  • Hamad Medical Corporation
  • Al Khor
  • Al Dayin
  • Masaimeer
  • Al Shahaniya
  • Q-Post
  • Doha Industrial Area
  • Al Shamal
  • Al Wakrah
  • Souq Waqif
  • Umm Salal
  • Dukhan

To apply for an exit permit online see the Qatar Government website Hukoomi. Both Single Exit Permit and Multiple Exit Permits are available for purchase.

Application process

To apply for an exit permit, either online or in person, it is necessary to:

  • Complete the application form (the form is in Arabic with notes in English on the back)
  • Provide an ID and passport number
  • Pay the appropriate fee
  • To download the Exit Permit Application Form: Click here

Employers often assist with application procedures for exit permits. Approved exit permits are automatically entered onto the computer system. However, some companies advise getting a photocopy of the approved application if possible.

The exit permit is only valid for seven days.

Bank Accounts

It is important to close bank accounts well in advance of leaving Qatar. Individuals trying to leave the country with any personal debt will be stopped at the border.

It is advisable to:

  • Pay off any bank loans or debts well in advance of leaving
  • Start closing bank accounts at least 30 to 45 days before the last payroll in Qatar, otherwise banks will freeze the account to ensure there is enough money left in the account to cover any outstanding debts
  • If planning to move money out of the country do so well in advance of the 45-day time lead as there is a limit to how much money is allowed to leave the country from one bank account at any one time
  • Close all credit card accounts at least 30 days before departure
  • Stop all automatic payments

It is important to check that all bank accounts have been closed properly a couple of days before leaving the country as overlooking any small debt, such as a banking fee, could result in fraud or debt-related charges.

Terminating a Rental Contract

It is advisable to give landlords as much notice as possible regarding ending a rental contract so that there is sufficient time for a final inspection and return of the deposit. The termination period of a rental contract can vary; however the usual notice period is usually one or two months in writing. Penalty fees may apply for early termination of the contract. The landlord should refund the deposit to the tenant at the end of the notice period if all terms and conditions in the contract are met and the tenant has paid all outstanding bills.


Electricity and water is provided by Qatar General Electricity and Water Cooperation. It is important to arrange disconnection of services before leaving the property to avoid a financial penalty.

To disconnect utility services it is necessary to:

  • Download and complete the relevant disconnection form. To download the disconnection form: Click here
  • Request a final bill. A representative will visit to take the final meter reading, which should be noted on the disconnection form
  • Take the completed form to a service centre along with a copy of a Qatar ID and electricity number
  • Settle the remaining balance

Once disconnection has been arranged a Clearance Certificate is issued and the deposit refunded (on showing the deposit receipt).

Service Centres are usually open Sunday to Thursday, 06:30-14:30, with some also open Friday afternoons and Saturday mornings.

Landlords may require the Clearance Certificate to prove that the account has been closed and all bills have been paid.

Landline Telephone and Internet

Telecom and Internet services in Qatar are predominately provided by Qtel. Vodafone also provides some Internet services.

It is necessary to contact the telecommunications supplier to request cancellation of any services and a final bill. A cancellation fee may apply if this is before the minimum service period. It is also necessary to obtain a Credit Clearance certificate to prove that all bills have been paid. Landlords may also request to see the Clearance Certificate.


When leaving Qatar, schools should be notified in advance so that academic documents can be prepared for the new school. School clubs and activities should also be cancelled. It is advisable to leave a forwarding address for any correspondence.


To cancel any insurance policy, it is necessary to contact the provider and arrange a date for termination of the policy. For car insurance, a no-claims certificate should also be obtained, if applicable.

Traffic Fines

It is advisable to contact the Department of Transport to check for any outstanding traffic fines before leaving the country. Individuals with any outstanding fines will be stopped at the border.

Exporting a Car

Documents needed for export customs clearance of vehicles are as follows:

  • A copy of the owner/shipper's passport
  • A copy of the owner/shipper's Qatar ID
  • Car export certificate - this has to be attested by Qatar Chamber (QC). QC will issue a Certificate of Origin
  • For more details about the Certificate of Origin: Click here

Exporting Pets

Firstly, regulations for the country that the pet will be travelling to must be checked and satisfied well in advance of travel. All the necessary paperwork, vaccinations and required documentation for the destination country should be completed before leaving Qatar.

General export requirements for pets leaving Qatar include having:

  • Valid health certificate. This can be obtained from the government vet (Animal Department) in Qatar. The animal will be examined and a health certificate issued if it is considered fit to fly. This is normally only valid for seven days
  • Up-to-date vaccination records detailing rabies injections, which should have been administered between 30 and 360 days before the date of travel. Additional requirements may apply for certain countries
  • Flight - confirmed at least five days before the date of travel
  • IATA approved travel box
  • Copy of the owner's passport

As regulations and requirements for pet travel change regularly, it is advisable to always check import requirements for the destination country.