Leaving Qatar with an Animal

Information about the restrictions and requirements when leaving Qatar with an animal…

To leave Qatar with a domestic pet, it is necessary to:

  • Obtain a health certificate, which can be supplied free of charge from the Government Veterinary Clinic (Tel: 4465 3083). The animal and its vaccination record must be brought to the clinic, and the animal must have been vaccinated against rabies
  • Book the air passage for the animal at least five days in advance, and pay the necessary handling fees. An appropriate travel container must be provided. If the animal is flying with Qatar Airways, take the certificate, which is valid for seven days only, to Qatar Aviation Services (Tel: 4462 1745). If flying with a different airline, check with its customer service department about the procedure for booking the animal’s flight

Pet relocation companies can also assist with export.

Requirements in different countries

Different countries have different requirements for bringing pets across their borders, so check the regulations for the relevant destination. Most require comprehensive vaccinations and a period of quarantine.

The following is a list of official links with information about the rules and regulations related to the import of animals: