Exit Permits in Qatar

Information on applying for an exit permit in Qatar...

Residents who have a Family Residence Visa do not require an Exit Permit to leave Qatar.

All other sponsored residents who have a Work Residence Permit must get an Exit Permit each time they leave Qatar. New laws state that expatriates no longer need sponsors to apply for their exit permit. They can now apply for an exit permit themselves through Ministry of Interior's Metrash 2 system and inform their employer 3 days in advance. The applicant will receive an SMS message stating if the exit permit has been approved or rejected within 3 days.

There are two Exit Permit options: a single Exit Permit, and a multiple Exit Permit.

If an employer contests an exit permit notice, the employee can appeal to the new Exit Permit Grievance Committee. This can be done either online, in person at a government services complex, or at a police station. The committee must respond to requests for an exit permit within 72 hours of a complaint being lodged.