Using Foreign Driving Licences

Understand which types of driving licence are legally accepted in Qatar...

While there have been rumours that licence regulations are about to change, the official line remains as explained in this section. However, changes can be implemented swiftly in Qatar, so on arrival check the latest regulations on the official government website Hukoomi or with the Ministry of Interior’s Traffic Department in Doha.

Types of Driving Licence

The type of driving licence required in Qatar depends upon the length of time a person has lived in the country, the origin of the national licence they currently hold, and whether or not they have resident’s status in Qatar.

If arriving in Qatar on a visitor’s visa it is possible to use a national licence from any country to drive a car for seven days, provided it is a rental vehicle. A driver who holds an International Driving Permit (IDP) may drive a rental vehicle for up to six months – or until the visa status changes from visitor to resident. The licence from the home country must be available for inspection as well as the IDP.

It is possible to obtain a temporary Qatar driving licence, which acts as an interim document between driving on an International Driving Permit and being eligible for a full Qatar licence. Application for this temporary licence must be made before beginning the process of applying for residency.

Once residency has been granted, it is necessary to obtain a Qatari driving licence.

International Driving Permit

To obtain an international driver’s permit, check with the national motoring organisation of the home country before leaving for Qatar.  The following are links to country-specific IDP application procedures: