Parking and Paying Fines

Understand the rules and regulations regarding parking on streets and in car parks, plus how to pay a parking fine in Qatar...

Most office and apartment blocks have areas of underground parking, which usually require some sort of permit or pass to access. On-street parking is a mix of free and metered space. Paying for parking in malls, which used to be universally free, is becoming more common. Valet parking services are often available at hotels and shopping centres; this is sometimes free of charge, but in some places it is necessary to pay for the service. Fines and penalty points are issued for illegal parking.

Paying traffic penalty fines

Fines for many traffic offences, including parking penalties, can be paid through the Hukoomi e-government website; click on the Traffic Violations button on the home page.

The Ministry of Interior website also lists any recorded infringements against a vehicle, and fines can be paid via this site too:

Alternatively, fines can be dealt with in person at a Ministry of Interior counter (found in many shopping malls) or at the offices of the Traffic Department in Madinat Khalifa (Tel: 489 0644).

  • Unlike in some countries, drivers are not notified of fines by post. Unpaid fines will be flagged up at the time of re-registering or selling a vehicle
  • More serious traffic offences, including those where a death or serious injury has occurred, or where alcohol was involved, will be referred to a court of law