Registering a Vehicle in Qatar

Details on registering a vehicle in Qatar as well as information on vehicle tests for imported cars...

All cars in Qatar must be registered with the Ministry of Interior before they can be driven on the road. An application form can be downloaded from the Hukoomi website. It is in Arabic only, and can be filled out in advance or at the registration office as necessary. Non-Arabic speakers can fill in their details at the department and have the form typed up into Arabic for a fee of QR 15.

The form must be taken along with the vehicle to the Ministry of Interior's Traffic Department at Madinat Khalifa. The offices are open from 07:00 to 11:00 and 16:00 to 19:00.

  • Madinat Khalifa Traffic Department
    : Khalifa Street
    Tel: 4489 0666

The registration process

Items required to complete the registration are:

  • Insurance documents, which must have been obtained before beginning the registration process
  • Qatar ID
  • QR100 registration fee (payable by credit card only)
  • Letter of no objection from the car owner's sponsor
  • Copy of sponsor's ID

If the sale is between two private individuals (rather than from a used-car dealership), both the seller and the buyer must attend and complete a vehicle transfer form, and the car must be insured by the seller up to the point of transfer, as well as by the new owner from the point of transfer. Both parties need to bring their driver’s licences and residency permits.

In either case, once the forms have been completed, the registering party or parties must take a ticket and queue to be seen at the main counter, where documents will be examined, and, for private sales, a check will be run on the vehicle’s licence plates to see if there are any outstanding traffic fines to pay. The seller is obliged to pay these at this point before the process can be completed. A transfer fee of QR 100 must be paid (by credit card), by either party (as agreed between the parties).

If the car is over three years old, it must have already passed the vehicle test (see below) before registration, which is normally the responsibility of the seller.

Once all of the above has been finalised, the official transfer is completed (not counting payment between the two parties, which is a private arrangement) and a registration card (Istamara) is issued.

Renewing registration

All cars must have their registration renewed annually. Owners of cars less than three years old only have to take the registration card and insurance documents to the Traffic Police or a Ministry of Interior kiosk (of which there are a number in Doha’s shopping malls) and pay the renewal fee of QR 100 by credit card. Cars three years or older must have the vehicle inspected (see below).

Vehicle Test

Imported vehicles also need to pass a vehicle test, which is carried out by Fahes (formerly known as QTIC), on behalf of the Traffic Police. This must be done before completing the registration process above. There is a fee of QR75 for the test, which can be completed at the test centres indicated on the Fahes website. There is typically a grace period to rectify any areas that fail the test, but checking with the Traffic Police about specific requirements before going to the expense of importing the car is a good idea.

After all this has been completed, a Road Permit for the vehicle is issued.