Insuring a Vehicle in Qatar

Information on the different types of car insurance policies available in Qatar...

A car must have insurance valid for 12 months before it can be registered. Driving without at least third party insurance is illegal. In Qatar, it is the vehicle that is insured rather than the driver, so once it is insured anyone who has a Qatar driver’s licence can drive it (with the owner’s permission). It also means that insurance companies do not penalise drivers for making claims. The cost of insurance is calculated based on the value of the vehicle, usually at a rate of around 6 percent of the value of a saloon car, although it is more expensive for high performance vehicles.

Policies last for 12 months, but there is a one-month grace period at the end of the 12-month period during which time the owner has to renew, or take out a different, policy. In effect this makes it a 13-month contract (although fully comprehensive policies revert to third party during this bonus month).

Insurance can become invalid if the car is damaged while driving off-road, or if the driver is found to have been guilty of drink driving. Some insurance companies may cover off-road driving, and also driving in other GCC countries, but this should be checked before purchasing the policy.

There are a number of insurance providers in Qatar. Some of the main ones include Qatar Insurance Company (QIC), Arabia Insurance Company and Doha Insurance Company.