Procedure for Setting up a Business in Qatar

Information on how to get your business venture off the ground...

As elsewhere, businesses can be set up in a variety of forms, including limited liability, joint venture and private companies. Whether setting up in a free zone or elsewhere in Qatar, using the services of a reputable business lawyer or adviser is generally recommended to guide businesses through all the bureaucratic and financial procedures and potential pitfalls.

Basic procedures that are required include:

  • Providing evidence of sufficient investment funds (at least $10,000), plus registering a business premises with the Ministry of Economy and Commerce
  • Registering the company name with the Ministry of Business and Trade
  • Registering the company and associated paperwork with the commercial licensing section of the Ministry most appropriate to the nature of the business, after which a provisional trade licence is granted

After a series of approvals from various departments has been granted, the Ministry under whose jurisdiction the business falls will prepare a temporary commercial register. This must be taken first to the Qatar Chamber of Commerce and Industry, for payment of any fees and final approval, and then back to the Ministry of Economy and Commerce.

The Ministry of Business and Trade webpage has quick-reference guide to the procedure, plus links to all necessary application forms.

The procedure may vary slightly if setting up in a free zone, and some assistance should be provided by the particular free zone authority.

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