Medical Tests

Find out about the required medical tests that must be done when coming to work in Qatar...

The employee needs to arrange the following procedures but the employing company is likely to assist with the arrangements and cover the cost:

  • A medical test is obligatory for all forms of residence permit, and this must be taken during the first week of being in Qatar
  • Before attending the medical test, a test must be done to determine blood type and a certificate must be obtained. This can be done at any medical clinic, and costs approximately QR 15
  • The medical test consists of the screening of blood samples for HIV and hepatitis B and C, and chest X-rays to test for tuberculosis.
  • The main centre for taking the test is the government-run Medical Commission office:

It is also possible to take the examinations at one of three private centres: Results from the Medical Commission take about a week to come through. They can also be checked online.

Permit applications will be rejected if HIV test results are positive.

Once the medical test has been passed, applicants must have their fingerprints scanned and registered with the Ministry of Interior. The fingerprint centre is located on Salwa Road.

Sponsors should help to arrange the necessary paperwork. When the above procedures are complete, the Work Residence Permit and compulsory Qatari ID card (see Residency in Qatar) will be processed.