Healthcare in Monaco

Find out what to expect from the Monegasque medical system if you're moving there to live and work or to retire. Understand how to register with the system and what to do in the event of an emergency...

The Monegasque health care system is similar to the French system, in that it is privately run and everyone must contribute. All employed and self-employed citizens working in Monaco must contribute to the Caisses Sociales de Monaco (CSM). All citizens who have paid towards the CSM fund are entitled to use the Monegasque public healthcare system.

Monaco has a high standard of state funded healthcare, overseen by the Caisses Sociales de Monaco (CSM).  All citizens and long-term residents in Monaco benefit from the cover. Citizens from France and Italy also benefit, provided that they can prove that they have paid healthcare contributions in their countries.

Medical Benefits, Private Health Insurance and Top-up Insurance (Mutuelle)

The Monegasque system reimburses between 80 and 100 percent of the cost of certain procedures and some hospitalisations. This includes primary and specialist treatment, lab work, drugs, dental care and transportation.

  • For more information on reimbursements, visit CLEISS (in French) and scroll down to Prestations en nature

A complementary medical insurance (mutuelle) is often taken out, to cover any expenses not paid by the state.

Note: Unemployed or self-employed foreigners living in Monaco require full private medical insurance.

  • For further information about social security benefits in Monaco see the Social Security section 

Carte d’immatriculation/Carte F.S.E.

Once affiliated to the social security system, a Carte d’immatriculation is issued. This gives the card holder the right to access medical and dental care in Monaco. A Carte F.S.E. is distributed to the card holder’s partner and children.

The card contains all the administrative information necessary to refund the cost of medical care:

  • Matriculation number
  • Medical rate category
  • Full name of the card holder
  • Expiry date

The Carte d’immatriculation should be presented at every health appointment (doctor, clinic, hospital, pharmacy), for the correct rates to be applied. The card does not carry personal medical information.


GPs are the first point of contact for medical care. If needed, the GP will refer patients to specialists or hospitals. Emergency care is available for everyone at Princess Grace Hospital. GPs also take turns providing after hours and night time medical care.


Some prescription drugs are reimbursed through the CSM.

Pharmacies take turns staying open after hours and at night. Many pharmacies put a note on their door listing which pharmacies are open.

Note: During the night, it is necessary to visit the police station before going to the pharmacy.

Health Establishments in Monaco

There are four health establishments in Monaco:

  • For a list of emergency numbers provided by Service Public Monaco: Click here