LGBT Groups and Events in Russia

Details of LGBT support groups and associations in Russia, plus links to community events…

Support Groups, Associations and Websites

  • GayRussia was founded in 2005 and is one of the leading organisations campaigning for and advancing such causes as Gay Pride Parade, gay marriage and rights for LGBT groups.
  • LaSky (in Russian) is the only Russian project aimed specifically at men practising gay sex to educate about HIV (AIDS) and methods of protection. The goal was to reach out to men in Russian provinces where homophobia reigns and even medical workers express hostility and indifference towards gay people. Although the project ended in 2012, the website continues to function as a central information source for gay men
  • Nunciare et Recreare (in Russian) is a union of Russian Christian LGBT members, founded in 2000. The leaders state that everyone has the right to believe and to be a member of the Church, regardless of their sexuality. The Russian Orthodox Church expresses extreme hostility towards the group and campaigned in 2011 to stop the first Christian LGBT forum in St Petersburg
  • Russian LGBT-Network (in Russian) remains the only Russian inter-regional LGBT organisation since 2006. It is a part of the International Association of Gays and Lesbians (IAGL) and campaigns for equal rights and anti-discrimination measures for all LGBT groups. Regional networks are based in St Petersburg, Moscow, Tyumen, Sverdlovsk Region, Arkhangelsk and others areas
  • GaySport (in Russian) was founded in 2010 and is Russia’s only sport federation for LGBT groups. The organisation promotes healthy lifestyle and sporting activities among members of the LGBT community
  • is the leading LGBT web portal offering a wide variety of information on health, sex, fashion, art, TV, travel and regional listings of gay singles
  • Radarus (in Russian) provides support and information to the gay community in Russia and works against discrimination and to promote a positive image of LGBT people in society
  • Kvir (in Russian) – since 2003, Kvir (Russian transliteration of Queer) magazine was available by subscription or at selected kiosks in Moscow, and some content was accessible online. From 2013, the magazine will be online only and features articles on travel destinations, opinion pieces, coming-out stories of LGBT community members, creative writing and photographs

Other magazines (all in Russian) catering for a unisex readership are popular among the LGBT community as a source of information on latest trends in Arts, Style, Fashion and Technology. These are:

LGBT Events

  • Side-by-Side (Bok o Bok) is an annual cinema festival in St Petersburg. Organised first by Manni de Guer in 2008, this has been the Russian equivalent of other LGBT film festivals globally and a place to screen Russian queer films
  • Queerfest is another annual Petersburg festival with a wider cultural outreach and international status. It celebrates the courage of being different and protests against xenophobia, homophobia and any kind of discrimination based on gender or sexuality