Youth Organisations and Clubs in Russia

Russia has a number of organisations and structures in place to provide a stepping stone for young people to their adult life...

Youth organisations are more numerous in modern Russia than in Soviet times, but are more insular, so as a result are less attended by children. Some clubs require payments or contributions that can be expensive. Some of the main organisations for teenagers are listed below.

Certain groups can be joined by foreign nationals, while others are usually only suitable for Russian citizens. Expatriates may find that clubs at schools, or those connected to them, offer enough activities to keep kids entertained and busy. These are also likely to be in the required language, as the groups below almost always use Russian.

Scouts (Skauty /??????)

The scout movement was introduced to Russia in the early 20th century. However, soon after the October Revolution and the start of communism, it gave way to the Pioneer Organisation – a politicised, scout-like movement that was disbanded in 1991 after the end of the Soviet Union. Today there are several national scouting bodies that differ in form, ideology, structure, and functioning.

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Girl Scouts

There are also girl scout troops governed by the Russian Association of Girl Scouts as well as international branches of scouts and guides in Moscow, connected to movements in the US.

Voluntary Organisations

Teenagers can help groups involved with animal welfare, people with disabilities, orphaned children and veterans.

Summer Camps

Summer camps (letniy lager / ?????? ??????) are generally popular among teenagers. They can be expensive, but depending on where a parent works, an admission card (putyovka / ???????) may be given to send a child to camp. These camps are usually run by trade unions, and information can be sourced from the parents’ workplace.

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