Organisations for People with Disabilities in Russia

Find out about facilities and organisations for people with disabilities or learning needs in Russia…

A selection of organisations that offer assistance and support to people with disabilities is listed below. Note that most of these websites and the services offered is in Russian only, unless otherwise stated.

  • (Первый российский интернет-портал для инвалидов) – the first Russian Internet-portal for people with disabilities with a job market, advertisements, library, forum, chat, humour page, Q&A section and a list of partner organisations assisting disabled people
  • Aupam Narod – a website with lots of information about the life of disabled people, including rights and help. For the Aupam Narod page listing literature sources on the problems of disabled children and their parents: Click here
  • Russian Society of Disabled People (Vserossiyskoe obshestvo invalidov / Всероссийское общество инвалидов)
    At: ul Udaltsova d.11, Moscow, 119415
    Tel: (495) 935 0012
  • Perspektiva – Regional Society of Disabled People (Regionalnaya obshtestvenaya organizatsia invalidov ‘Perspektiva’ / Региональная общественная организация инвалидов ‘Перспектива’)
    : Timura Frunze 16, Bldg 3, Moscow, 119021
    Tel: (495) 725 3982

    The following link on the Russian site contains a list of all organisations supporting people with disabilities: Click here
  • Russian Union of the Disabled (Soyuz Invalidov Rossii / Союз Инвалидов России
    : ul Novy arbat 21, Bldg 1, Moscow, 119002
    : (495) 229 5782
  • Door In The World (Sayt dlya invalidov ‘Dver v mir’ / Cайт для инвалидов ‘Дверь в мир’) – a website for people with disabilities and specifically children with disabilities
  • Project Do Not Fear (Proekt Ne Boysya / Проект Не Бойся) – assistance for people with epilepsy
  • Disabled Children Forum (Forum rebenok invalid / Форум ребёнок-инвалид) – a website for parents of children with disabilities
  • Special Heart (Osoboe serdce / Особое Сердце) – a website for the care of children with disabilities
  • Accessible World (Dostupnyi mir / Доступный мир) –  a journal about tolerant public attitude
  • VITA Charitable Fund for Children with Specific Development (Благотворительный просветительский фонд содействия абилитации детей с особенностями развития)
  • Road Into The World (Doroga v mir / Дорога в мир) – an inter-regional public organisation for assistance of children with specific mental and speaking development issues
    • Moscow Branch
      At: ul Profsoyuznaya d.146, korp.3, kv.186, Barinova Tamara Evgenevna Moscow, 117321