The Postal System and Addresses in Russia

Information on sending and receiving letters and parcels, mail services, finding a postcode, and writing addresses in Russia…

Postal services in Russia are provided by Russian Post (Pochta Rossiy / ????? ??????). The organisation is responsible for the domestic and international delivery of letters and parcels, express mail (EMS Russian Post), issuing of stamps and online services.

Russian Addresses

For domestic post, the destination address and sender’s address can be written using the Cyrillic or Latin alphabet. The destination address should be written in the bottom right corner, with the address of the sender in the upper left corner. All writing should be in ink or printed and it is recommended that addresses are written in full, with no abbreviations, and in block capitals.

Addresses should be written as follows:

  • Line 1:  Name (surname, first name, then patronymic, if applicable), followed by the company name (if applicable)
    Line 2:  Name of street followed by the house or flat number
    Line 3:  Name of city, town, village or other
    Line 4:  Name of district
    Line 5:  Name of area (republic, territory, region, autonomous district)
    Line 6:  Name of the country (for international post)
    Line 7:  Postcode (see below)

Postcodes in Russia

In Russia, the postcode (pochtovy index / ???????? ??????) is a set of six numbers, where the first three digits are the city code and the last three represent the post office. Some large cities have multiple codes for the city, such as Moscow (101-129) and St Petersburg (190-199).

There are several sources (in Russian) to find postcodes of addresses, such as:

It is important to note that different houses on the same street may have postcodes relating to different post offices.

Addresses for International Post

For international post being sent from Russia, addresses can be written in the language of the country of destination, providing the name of the destination country is also written in Russian.

To receive post from outside of Russia, make sure the sender has the full address including the correct postcode. Addresses can be written in English (clearly printed block capitals), but it can also be useful to provide the sender the address written in Russian that can be printed stuck onto the letter or parcel.