Landline Telephone Services in Russia

Information on telephone and Internet services in Russia, and how to get connected...

In Russia’s main cities and larger urban areas, the telephone system is modern, with advanced digital infrastructure, and both analog and digital mobile services. In remoter areas of the country, however, it can be old and dated.

The major national telecommunications provider is Rostelecom, while in Moscow the leading provider is Moscow City Telephone Services.

Landlines in Russia

Most residences are already connected with a landline, and transferring ownership of the line from a previous tenant is usually an easy and quick process. Documents required are a copy of the tenancy contract from the landlord and the new tenant’s passport. If a building has no landline, an application to have one installed needs to be made by the landlord, and it can take a long while to get connected.

It is also possible for users to switch between telephone companies, allowing shopping around for good deals, especially in cases when Internet and even television can also be signed up for with the same provider. For information on these companies, help from a Russian person living in the same area or city, who is knowledgeable about packages available from the different providers, maay be useful: try asking colleagues or any other contacts made.

Russia's main national telecommunication company is:

  • Rostelecom (??????????)
    : ul. Tverskaya-Yamskaya 14/1, Moscow, 125047
    : (499) 999 8283

For Moscow, the leading provider of telephone services is: