Supermarkets and Hypermarkets in Russia

Information about where to buy food and groceries in Russia...

Low-Priced Stores

Stores of these chains are located in the suburbs of all big cities.

  • Avos'ka (???????): Avos'ka (meaning shopping bag) sells cheap groceries, hygiene items, newspapers, cigarettes and household items such as plates, cups, hangers and hosiery. Shops can be found in Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod and Novosibirsk
  • Kopeika (???????): Kopeika shops are often very small and cater for local cost-cutters. The general line of products is similar to Avos’ka, but smaller in choice and often lower in quality. It is advisable to check the dates on bottles and packs
  • Pyaterochka (?????????): Pyaterochka has over 2,600 stores and 400 franchised stores across Russia selling just about anything, including pet food. Quality is somewhere between Kopeika and Avos'ka. Owned by the X5 Retail Group, these supermarkets sell goods marked with a ‘Red Price’ label, identifying the group's products that are usually cheaper than other brands

Low to Mid-Priced Stores

  • Auchan (????): Auchan hypermarkets are popular, sell all kinds of goods and are present in all major cities and prices represent good value
  • Dixy (?????): Dixy promotes itself as a chain of neighbourhood stores; friendly, cheap and local. They run 2-for-1 promotions and organise events for kids

Mid-Priced Stores

  • Selgros Cash&Carry (????????): This German wholesale store is a new shopping mecca, open 24/7. A large selection of goods is available individually or in multi-packs of items such as chocolate bars, juices, teas, water or corn, offering good savings. Also on sale are bed sheets, office supplies, electrical and home appliances, clothes, shoes and even real Suffolk ales and stouts. Seasonal goods include Yule logs and chocolate gingerbreads at Christmas
  • Moi Magazin (??? ???????): One of the newest additions to the Moscow shopping scene, Moi Magazin specialises in food shopping and can be found near metro stations and in shopping malls. The range of products is similar to other mid-priced chains in price and selection, with discount cards available and stickers that can be exchanged for household supplies. Some stores also provide a dry cleaning service

Mid to Upmarket Stores

Stores of all chains can be found in various areas of cities, including city centres. Alye Parusa stores are only in Moscow and the Moscow Region.

  • Sed'moy Continent (??????? ?????????): Sed'moy Continent (seventh continent) was the leading upmarket shop until the arrival of Azbuka Vkusa and Globe Gourmet. Various store formats from local shops to supermarkets and hypermarkets sell a wide variety of items, although not stretching as far as clothes and home appliances. Discounts are regularly advertised including the Shock Tsena (Shocking Price) promotion. Customers can also buy a discount card (free after spending a certain amount) and collect stickers to swap for kitchen appliances and utensils. Two thirds of the 160 stores are based in Moscow, with the remainder in other regions. Home delivery is available
  • Perekrestok (???????????): Perekryostok (Crossroads) is usually less busy, but has a very similar range to Sed'moy Continent on sale. Stickers can also be collected and a 10 percent discount card can be purchased (given free after spending a certain amount). Home delivery is available
  • Alye Parusa (???? ??????): Named after the eponymous story by Russian author Alexander Grin, this chain of food stores has a catering service and café, sells a rich variety of own produce and operates a delivery service for homes and offices located in the north, north-west and centre of Moscow. The famous food store in Moscow, Eliseevskiy, located on ulitsa Tverskaya, is owned by Alye Parusa

Upmarket Stores

  • Azbuka Vkusa (?????? ?????): In operation since 1997, Azbuka Vkusa (The ABC of Taste) is a place where expats may find their favourite Kettle teas, Worcestershire sauce and authentic Italian pasta alongside fresh bread, a generous selection of fruit and vegetables and regular in-house tastings of wines and cognacs. There are 49 stores across Moscow and the Moscow Region. For a brief overview of the company: Click here
  • Bakhetle (???????): Bakhetle means happy in the Tatar language and this Tatar Superstore focuses on products and cuisine from this region: horse meat, sauces and bread, and cakes from local recipes. The home-like atmosphere is accompanied by the smell of freshly cooked food. Making the experience even more authentic, the staff are all from Tatarstan and traditionally decorated Tatar dishes are sold. There are 12 stores in Kazan, seven in Moscow and three in other cities. For an information microsite in English: Click here
  • Globe Gourmet (Globus Gurme, ?????? ?????): In operation since 2004, Globe Gourmet is the most upmarket and exclusive store with six locations in Moscow and one in St Petersburg. Prices can be too high to make this an option for everyday requirements, but the window-shopping is enjoyable for anyone.
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