Social Security in Russia

Information on Russian social welfare programmes, with details of the benefits available and expected contributions…

The social security system in Russia is the responsibility of the state and the main government agency dealing with it is the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection (Ministerstvo truda i socialnoy zashite / ???????????? ????? ? ?????????? ??????).

Only Russian citizens are eligible for all kinds of governmental support. The exception is emergency healthcare, which is accessible by everyone in the country on humanitarian grounds.

  • For more information on the provision of health and medical care, see the Guide on the Health System

In addition to this, foreign nationals who have permanent or temporary residency status may also be eligible for other benefits in some cases. Unemployment benefits, additional health benefits or pensions may be available for expatriates with permanent or temporary residency who have paid into these funds. For those with long-term aims to live in Russia, it is advisable to make contributions to the relevant funds, as this then entitles the claiming of these benefits and drawing a pension. However, rules about this are currently in a state of change and should be checked with an employer or with the relevant government department.

The following categories of citizens are covered by the social security system:

  • Pensioners
  • People with disabilities
  • Children – different benefits are given to families with children, including maternity leave
  • Families with more than three children
  • Families on low incomes
  • Young families
  • War veterans
  • Unemployed people

Social Security Payments

There are two main funds financing social security:

Both are funded by mandatory social insurance contributions and personal voluntary payments. Mandatory contributions are only deducted by the employer from the salaries of foreign nationals with the status of permanent or temporary residency, not expatriates living and working in Russia temporarily, as there is no entitlement to these benefits for this type of employee.