Activities and Entertainment for Toddlers

Information on the activities and facilities available in Russia for young children...

Parent and toddler groups and drop-in centres are available in cities across Russia, but can take some time to be discovered. Usually located at local sports centres, fitness clubs, libraries and art centres, up-to-date information can be found by asking at these places directly. However, as with those outlined below, all these organisations will normally operate in Russian only.

Organised sports and activities for toddlers are widely available, including football, hockey, martial arts, swimming, music, dancing, soccer and gymnastics. Ice skating is popular, with outdoor rinks available in all Russian cities in the winter, plus some all-year-round indoor facilities or roller rinks.

Children’s entertainment parks are available in large cities. Gorky Park in Moscow, for instance, has special children-friendly facilities such as bicycle rentals, merry-go-rounds and a Green Café where kids learn about plants and environmental care. Small local parks can be found in most areas of cities and towns.

Russian museums often have attractions that appeal to young children. For more information on some of these, see the section on Local Tourism in Russia section.

One recent child-friendly project is the Fairy Tale Map of Russia, which includes information on Russian folklore characters and regional museums dedicated to them.

Fans of the performing arts or circuses are very well catered for. Details of the options available can be found in the section on Entertainment in Russia.

  • For more ideas of places to go and activities to do, see the Children in Moscow website.

Toddler Groups

In the past, groups for foreign parents with children were scarce. Nowadays, thanks to more expatriates working in Russia, embassies and consulates can be good places to start research on anything toddler-related.

The Children in Moscow website provides information on all aspects of living in Russia with children, including activities and groups for expatriates on the Community Notice Board.