The School Year in Russia

Find out the timings of the academic year and school day in Russia...

The academic year starts on 1 September and finishes around the end of May. June is dedicated to school exams, which are determined by the level of the individual and grade requirements. The year is divided in three trimesters: autumn, winter and spring. At the end of each trimester, a written test decides on the grades for that term.

All public schools normally follow holidays given each year by the Ministry of Education and Science. Most private schools keep to the holidays of the official school system, with just a few days differing in some cases. These holidays are:

  • Autumn (Fall) Holidays – usually 8 days in November
  • Winter Holidays – usually 12-15 days in December/January
  • Spring Holidays – usually 8 days in March
  • Summer Holidays – usually mid-June to the end of August

Grade 1 children have an additional five days of holiday in February.

The School Week

The school week runs from Monday to Friday. Private schools also follow this schedule.

School Hours

Hours vary from school to school, but are usually from between 08:00 and 09:00 to 14:00 or 15:00.