Teenagers and Driving in Russia

Information on the regulations affecting teenagers behind the wheel in Russia...

Teenagers may start learning to drive a car as early as 16, but a driving test for a car cannot be taken until the age of 18. Learners may drive on public roads, but must be accompanied by an adult. For a motorbike test, the minimum age is 16.

Requirements and programmes for getting a driving licence can vary between regions, but most use the graduated driver licensing programme for new drivers. This encourages drivers to gain driving skills and experience gradually, normally spread over between 12 and 20 months.

The first step is to apply for a licence. The minimum age to do this is usually 16 years old, but check local requirements. When applying for a licence it is normal to be asked to complete an eye test and a test about the rules of the road, traffic signs and safe driving practices.

After passing the theory test, a provisional license or learners permit is awarded. It is normal for drivers to have to complete up to two road tests and meet the minimum driving age to become fully licensed.

Car Insurance

In order to drive any vehicle in Russia, at the absolute minimum, a driver must have the compulsory third-party liability insurance OSAGO (?????; Obyazatelnoe strahovanye avtograzhdanskoy otvetstvenosti / ???????????? ??????????? ??????????????? ???????????????), colloquially known as avtotsivilka (???????????). Foreign drivers in Russia are recommended to take out the full autokasko (fully comprehensive) insurance.

For existing policy holders, new users can also be added as required. The cost depends on the type of car, size of engine, and to some extent, the number of people allowed to drive the vehicle. As a rule, the price almost doubles with an additional driver.