Medical Emergencies in Russia

Information on who to call in the event of a medical emergency in Russia…

In case of a medical emergency, dial 112 and ask for the ambulance service (skoraya pomoshch, скорая помощь). The previous emergency number to call for an ambulance (03) does still work, but is gradually being phased out. No English is spoken on these lines, so it is best to make the call with a Russian speaker to explain the problem and the exact location.

Ambulances come with a doctor and, depending on the case, immediate first aid treatment may be provided. Compared to Western standards, the service lacks a little in terms of speed and equipment, but doctors are well trained. If necessary, the patient is taken to the nearest emergency room or hospital, or to a private hospital if the holder’s insurance policy requires it.

In Moscow there is a relatively new, paid ambulance service reachable on the telephone number (495) 777 4849.

Major cities all have specialised hospitals for free emergency care available to everyone, irrespective of the place of residence or registration. In case of emergency, anyone admitted can receive initial medical care for free until out of immediate danger. After this, if further medical attention is needed, it is provided for a fee. Some private institutions have their own ambulance service. This should be checked when an insurance policy is signed up for.