Pharmacies and Dentists in Russia

Where to look for chemist and dental services in Russia…


Pharmacies can be found in many places in cities, towns and in large hospitals, with some open 24 hours a day. Pharmaceutical kiosks (aptechnyi kiosk / ???????? ?????) operate in almost every big supermarket. Few, if any, have staff who speak English, except in the major Western-style hospitals.

Many drugs that are normally prescription-only in Western countries are sold without prescription in Russia, but restricted drugs (such as most anti-depressants and pain killers) are sold only with a prescription from a local doctor. It is not legal to ship drugs or medicines from abroad by post or courier.

  • For a list of all pharmacies in Moscow, including those open 24 hours a day, visit vapteky (in Russian)

For some pharmacies in St Petersburg, see below:

  • International Pharmacy Damian
    At: Moskovsky Prospekt 22, St Petersburg
    Tel: (812) 110 1744
  • American Medical Center Pharmacy (?????? – ???????????? ??????????? ?????)
    At: ul. Serpukhovskaya 10, St Petersburg, 198013
    Tel: (812) 326 1730
  • Petrofarm Pharmacy (#6) (????????? ?????? ?6)
    At: pr. Nevsky 22-24, St Petersburg, 191186
    Tel: (812) 311 2004
  • Pharmacy Pharmadom (#104) (???????? ?????? ?104)
    At: pr. Nevsky 5, St Petersburg, 191186
    Tel: (812) 312 7078
  • Petrofarm Pharmacy (#65) (????????? ?????? ?65)
    At: pr. Nevsky 83, St Petersburg, 191040
    Tel: (812) 277 7966

Dental Care

Dental care is usually paid for separately and by the patient (Russian or expatriate), and fees are often quite high. Dentists are well trained and educated, but most in non-private clinics only speak Russian. If a foreign national prefers not to go to a private establishment, it is better to take a Russian speaker along to translate. In most places dental care is available 24 hours a day.