Maternity Leave and Benefits in Russia

Information on maternity leave and job protection in Russia…

Maternity leave normally given under Russia labour law is 140 days at 100 percent of the salary – 70 days before the birth and 70 days after. This can increase to 194 days in the event of multiple pregnancies or complications – 84 days before the birth and 110 days after it for multiple births (such as twins or triplets) or 86 days after the birth if there are any complications.

The minimum maternity benefit should be 100 percent of the legal minimum wage up to a legal maximum of 40 hours if in full-time employment, while the total claimed should not be more than R.34,583. For a period of 18 months after the birth, the total payable can be 40 percent of the salary.

Employees have the right to return to work during the full period of paid or unpaid leave and it is possible to extend maternity leave to a maximum of three years without losing a job.

Maternity leave and benefits are the responsibility of the Social Insurance Fund (Fond Socialnovo Strahovanya Rosiyskoy Federaciy / Фонд Социального Страхования Российской Федерации).

  • For more details about the laws concerning maternity in The Labour Code of Russia on the Social Insurance Fund website: Click here (in Russian)

If a foreign national is employed on a contract that includes conditions different to standard Russian labour law, all the conditions should be checked and understood when signing.