Post-natal Care in Russia

Find out about the support and care available for parents and babies following a birth in Russia…

While in hospital, mothers and babies are well looked after in Russia, with sometimes more in-depth care, and for longer, than would be offered in an expat's home country. During the days after giving birth, the mother receives a lot of assistance with the baby, often with nurses taking it out of the room to feed and let the mother rest. If this is not desired, it should be made clear to hospital staff, preferably during the lead up to admission.

Post-natal care at a private clinic might be covered by medical insurance or part of a pre-arranged birth package. Mothers-to-be should check in advance which clinics offer this service and book in with one that is preferred. This can usually be done at the clinic or hospital used for the pre-natal care. For those using the public healthcare system, the first check is carried out by a local pediatrician followed by check-ups by a pediatric nurse at the local clinic. Some pediatricians in Moscow offer home visits, for the first check-up at least.


There is not a standard vaccination programme for children in Russia and most vaccinations are only recommended, not obligatory. The range and schedule of the vaccinations depend on personal preference, and it is common for foreign nationals to use private clinics as opposed to state clinics, and to follow the plan usually implemented in the home country.

In Russia the first vaccinations (BCG) are commonly given when the baby is just a few days old, so make sure to plan in advance with the doctor before the birth exactly what vaccinations are to be given. When applying for nurseries and schools, it is common to be asked for certificates of immunisation, so be sure to keep a record of all a child is given from the doctor.