Postal Services in Russia

Details on how the postal system works in Russia, including information on post offices and services…

The national postal service, Russian Post (Pochta Rossiy / ????? ??????), offers a range of services including domestic and international delivery of letters and parcels, express mail (EMS Russian Post), registered mail, issuing of stamps, online services and post box rentals, although the latter is usually only available at Moscow’s main post office (see Post Offices, below).

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Compared with more developed countries, service can be a little unreliable. Domestic mail is usually delivered quickly and for a very low cost, but international mail can take weeks, sometimes even months, to arrive, either inbound or outbound. Important items should be sent by registered mail or by courier.

Mail Delivery

Regular post is delivered to mail boxes (pochtovy yashchik / ???????? ????) at home or at the reception of an office or company. If a registered letter or parcel cannot be signed for on delivery, a notice informing of the attempted delivery is put in the mail box to inform which post office it can be collected from. The form must be filled in before collection including: name, address and passport details, and proof of identity must be shown when collecting the item. Undelivered post is kept for one month at the local post office, during which time two notifications are delivered. If an item is not collected, an extra charge for storage might be payable upon collection.

Sending Registered Post (Letters)

Letters can be sent by registered post, as long as the size does not exceed  229mm by 324mm, and a weight of 100g, and a full and accurate address is included. Postage is payable upon sending, delivery will be made when a  signature is possible upon receipt.

Post Boxes

Post boxes can be found in all areas of cities and towns, including at post offices, where there is usually one outside and one inside. They are blue in colour, usually dark, with the word ????? (Pochta) in white.

Post Offices

Post offices (Pochta / ?????) can be found in all areas of Russia, with hundreds in the largest cities, and even small villages will have one.

In Moscow there are over 500 post offices located throughout the city.

The main post office in Moscow is open 24 hours a day:

  • Post Office 101000 (Moskovsky Glavpochtamt / ?????????? ???????????)
    :  ul. Myasnitskaya 26, Moscow, 101000?
    Tel: (495) 623 1888

While sending letters and parcels internationally can be done from any post office, the main international post office in Moscow is,

  • At: sh. Varshavskoye 37, Moscow, 131000
    Tel: (495) 956 2067

In St Petersburg, the city’s main post office is:

  • At: ul. Pochtapskaya 9, St Petersburg
    Tel: (812) 312 8302

Opening Hours

Post offices in Moscow are generally open from 08:00-20:00 Monday to Friday and 09:00-18:00 Saturday, with a break at lunchtime between 13:00 and 14:00. They are closed on Sundays.

There are three post offices open 24 hours a day:

  • Post Office 101000
    : ul. Myasnitskaya 26, Moscow, 101000?
    : (495) 623 1888?
  • Post Office 121099
    : Smolenskaya Sq 13/21, Moscow, 121099?
    : (499) 241 1607
  • Post Office 107241
    : ul. Ural, Moscow, 107241?
    : (495) 462 4061