Furniture, Hardware and Office Supplies in Russia

Find out where to buy furniture, home furnishings, white goods, electrical appliances and DIY for your home in Russia…

The largest cities such as Moscow and St Petersburg have numerous shops selling all kinds of furnishings, applicances, home decorations, fabrics, curtains, cushions, frames and flowers. A wide range of price options include everything from high-end furniture at Grand Furniture Centre down to good value and familiar products at IKEA.

Furniture and Electrical Appliances

  • Grand Furniture Centre (????????? ????? ?????): One of the oldest furniture shopping centres in Russia, Grand is the place for tables and chairs, doors, Murano glass, home cinemas and country house decorations. Specialising in imported furniture, it can be quite expensive
  • 3 Kita (??? ????): A long-term player in furniture retail, 3 Kita (Three Whales) is an upmarket store located near the Moscow Circular Automobile Road (MKAD). The largest furniture superstore in Europe, it is a good place to shop for practically all furniture and house appliances. Specialities include imported furniture from countries such as Italy and pine furniture. Additional services include a children’s area, taxi service, credits and banking, delivery and assembly
  • Tvoy Dom (???? ???): An upmarket shop from the group owning the Crocus City Hall, shopping and entertainment centres and Myakinino metro station, which connects the Crocus premises with the rest of Moscow. Tvoy Dom (Your House) is again a place to shop for the entire house with high-priced, quality furniture including exclusive collections presented in conceptual showrooms and Russia’s largest gardening complex, with a unique collection of indoor plants
  • Shatura-Mebel (?????? ??????): Situated midway between Grand and IKEA in terms of price, Shatura is the outlet of the eponymous furniture factory. Specialising in authentic wooden furniture, there are stores throughout Russia and the CIS countries
  • Mebel Rossii (?????? ??????): A chain of shops in Moscow inviting customers to ‘choose anything your heart desires’ – a living room, a study or a bedroom, from a Russian, Belarusian or Italian manufacturer. Customers select the style, fabric and colour, and can leave the rest to the professionals
  • IKEA (????): A familiar chain worldwide, IKEA is ideal for value furniture and furnishings or DIY and minimalist-lifestyle fans. Stores can be found all over Russia, and the famous meatballs are served in the canteen
  • MediaMarkt (??????????): A German chain that is one of the world’s largest electronics retailers, this is a first stop for white goods and electrical appliances that are easy to use. There are several branches located in different parts of Moscow, both in the outskirts and in the centre, as well as in St Petersburg and many other cities
  • Electronny Rai (??????????? ???): One of the longest-trading shopping venues in the south of Moscow, ER (Electronic Paradise) has three floors of kiosks selling computers, home appliances, office furniture and white goods. It is also possible to buy hardware and DIY goods here
  • The main chains in the Russian consumer electronics market are Technosila (?????????), Eldorado (?????????) and M-Video (?-?????). The three are likely to merge in future and Technosila has already sold a third of its stores to Eldorado. All three chains sell computers, white goods, photo, audio and video products, and home appliances. There are regular discounts and in-store credits are available

Building Materials, Hardware and DIY

As well as the stores listed below, IKEA and Electronny Rai also sell a range of DIY and home furnishing items.

  • OBI (???): OBI is a German retailer that arrived in Russia recently, and is very popular with home shoppers. Paint, wallpaper, lighting, door handles, kitchen and bathroom utensils plus a wide choice of home and garden plants is just a short list of what is on offer. There are several stores in Moscow, St Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod and Yekaterinburg as well as others around Russia, including the world's largest OBI store in Omsk. All are open 24/7
  • Kashirsky Dvor (????????? ????): This is Russia's own hotspot for hardware and DIY shopping, named after Kashirskoe Shosse (Highway) in Moscow, where all three of the stores are located. A combination of a shopping centre and a market, it is very popular with Russian shoppers
  • Leroy Merlin (?????-??????): Part of the Auchan group, Leroy Merlin stores are located in many cities including Moscow and St Petersburg. In line with its slogan ‘A Home for your Home’, it sells carpets, flooring materials, wallpaper, paint, brushes, glue, curtains and just about anything needed for work on the home

Office Supplies and Stationery

A small choice of office supplies can be found in just about any store including supermarkets and hypermarkets, and even from street kiosks. If larger ranges or quantities are required, visit Komus (below) or try the Office Supplies section of Selgros Cash&Carry. Two other places to buy stationery are Biblio-Globe (??????-??????) – a 50 year old book store in Moscow, and Respublica (??????????) – a modern chain of bookstores with a good selection of stationery.

  • Komus (?????): With numerous branches throughout Russia including Moscow and St Petersburg, Komus specialises in office supplies and stationery. In addition to own brand goods, they also sell Erich Krause and Moleskin at reasonable prices, with regular sales and discounts. Most items can also be bought online