Heating and Hot Water

Understand the centrally provided system for heating and hot water in Russia...

In many cities in Russia, heating of apartments and houses is provided centrally by companies dealing with the combined supply of electricity and hot water. From autumn to spring, central heating at a set temperature is provided by hot water piped in from local heat generation plants. This is in addition to hot water for use in the home. Bills for these services are paid monthly.

Some new areas or developments may allow individual residences to control the temperature, but in older housing the only way to reduce the temperature may be to open windows, or to have additional electric or gas heaters to increase the temperature.

During the summer, the supply of hot water is turned off for around three weeks to carry out maintenance on the pipe network. Some residences have a boiler fitted to keep supplying hot water while the central system is out of action. Before renting any new accommodation, if this will be required, check to see if a boiler is installed and works. Newer houses may not be affected by this, with supply continuing interrupted throughout the year.

In Moscow, several companies are responsible for the supply of heat and hot water to homes, as well as maintaining and repairing the pipe networks. For more information about heating provision or in the case of a problem with hot water or heating, contact the relevant supplier.

  • Moscow Heat Distribution Company (Moskovskaya teplosetevaya kompaniya, Московская теплосетевая компания) (in Russian)
    : ul Bolshaya Tatar 46/1, Moscow, 115184
    : (495) 633 3700
  • Moscow United Electric Grid Company (Moskovskaya obedinenaya elektrosetevaya kompaniya, Московская объединенная электросетевая компания)
    : ul 3rd Khoroshevskaya 16, Bldg 1, Moscow, 123298
    : (495) 668 2277
  • Moscow United Energy Company (Moskovskaya obedinenaya energeticheskaya kompaniya, Московская объединенная энергетическая компания) (in Russian)
    : ul Electrode 4A, Moscow, 111141
    : (495) 657 9494