English-language Cinema

Information on where and how to find full listings of what's on at the movies today, and in the near future. Where to find out what's showing in Moscow and how to book your seat at the cinema...

There are a number of cinemas in Moscow that offer English-language movies with Russian translation, either through headphones or subtitles (subtitry / ????????). Ticket prices vary; morning screenings are cheaper than those in the evening and on weekends. Screenings of 3D movies are also more expensive.

Cinemas in Moscow

Cinemas in Moscow generally have a no smoking policy. Films are usually shown for 3-4 weeks after the premiere; popular hits are often shown for longer.

Tickets can often be purchased online at each cinema's website, or centrally on the kassa.rambler.ru website (in Russian).

There are a number of cinemas showing films in English, or in the film's original language:

Dome Cinema: Shows American and European movies in English. Russian translation is available through headphones.

  • Dome Cinema
    At: Olimpiyski prospekt, 18/1 "Renaissance Moscow" Hotel, Prospekt Mira metro station
    Tel: (495) 931 9873 (recorded message confirming show times)

35mm: Shows European, Asian, popular American and alternative movies in original languages and in Russian. Online booking is available.

  • 35mm
    At: Pokrovskaya ulitsa, 47/24, metro Krasnye Vorota (red line), Kurskaya (blue line), Kitai-Gorod (orange line)
    Tel: (495) 917 1883

Pioneer Cinema (Pioner): Movies in original language with Russian subtitles. Online booking is available.

  • Pioneer Cinema (Pioner) (in Russian)
    At: Kutuzoivskiy prospect, 21, Kutuzovskaya metro station
    Tel: (499) 240 5 240

Note: To find out about a film and its original language, use the title search option of the Internet Movie Database.

Film Schedules

Films schedules are generally listed in the entertainment section of newspapers. Furthermore, individual cinema websites have details about the movies they are showing, and future releases.

The following websites (in Russian) have information about the movie theatres in Moscow, including schedules, contact details, news, and other film-related information:

Useful Words

Below is a selection of words that may be useful when looking at the film schedules in Moscow:

English Russian
Dubbed movie Dublirovannyi fil’m / ????????????? ?????
Subtitles Subtitry / ????????
Language Yazyk / ????
English Angliysky / ??????????
Russian Russky / ???????
Big hall Bolshoy zal / ??????? ???
Small hall Maliy zal / ????? ???