Markets in Moscow

Where to find fresh food produce in Moscow's markets, as well as antiques, collectables and other items...

Until recently there were hundreds of small markets (rynok) of all kinds across Moscow. However, these unofficial markets have become increasingly rare since the Moscow City Government’s ruling to reorganise trading in the city. Most small trading posts have been amalgamated into trade centres or organised markets and are strictly monitored by the city authorities.

Markets usually have free parking lots nearby and many of them are located close to metro or rail stations.

General Markets

  • Mytischi Market (in Russian): A one-stop wholesale and retail market selling food, clothes, construction materials, cars and farm produce.
    • Tel: (495) 537 0151 (reception)
      Open: Daily, 09:00-18:00
    • For a map and travel directions: Click here
  • Moscow Trade Market (Moskva) (in Russian): Large market with over 5,000 trading posts selling toys, clothes, furs, cosmetics, lingerie, jewellery, consumer electronics, computers, and furniture.
    • Tel: (499) 788 7575
      Metro: Lyublino station
      Open: Daily, 05:00-20:00
    • For a map and travel directions: Click here

Food and Farmers' Markets

  • Dorogomilovskiy Rynok (in Russian): One of the oldest food and farmers' markets in Moscow; located near the centre of the city.
    • At: Mozhaiskiy val 10, Moscow
      Metro: Kievskaya station
      : (499) 249 5553 / (499) 249 9053
      Open: Daily, 08:00-22:00
  • Velozavodskiy Rynok (in Russian): Market serving the south-western part of Moscow.
    • At: Velozavodskaya ulica 13, bldg 1, Moscow
      Tel: (495) 675 0520
      Open: Daily, 08:00-20:00
  • Danilovskiy Rynok (in Russian): Direct farmer trading of various food supplies from all over Russia.
    • At: ul. Mytnaya 74, Moscow
      Metro: Tul’skaya station
      Tel: (495) 958 1725 / (495) 958 5319
      Open: Daily, 08:00-20:00
  • Eco-Market in Kon’kovo (in Russian): Selling natural, ecologically neutral food.
    • At: Profosyuznaya 126/3, Moscow
      Metro: Kon’kovo station
      Tel: (495) 779 2048
      Open: Daily, 08:30-21:00

Clothes Markets

  • Sadovod (in Russian): Market selling clothes in all price ranges, also contains a garden market and a pet market. Wholesale and retail sales.
    • At: 14th Km Moscow Ring Road
      Tel: (495) 355 1800 / (495) 355 0047
      Open: Daily, 05:00-18:00
    • For a map and travel directions: Click here (in Russian)
  • Kon’kovo-Passage (in Russian): Specialising in clothes, shoes and accessories for all the family, as well as consumer electronics and furniture.
    • At: Profosyuznaya, 126/1,2,3, Moscow
      Metro: Kon’kovo station
      Tel: (495) 779 2048
      Open: Daily, 10:00-20:00
  • South Gates Market (Yuzhnye Vorota) (in Russian): Large indoor market complex containing over 3,000 trading posts selling a wide range of clothes and souvenirs.
    • At: 19th Km Moscow Ring Road
      Tel: (499) 682 9090
      Open: Daily, 05:00-18:00
    • For a map and travel directions: Click here (in Russian). Note: There are free route taxis (marshrutka) running every 15 minutes from the nearest metro stations (Mar’ino, Vykhino, Krasnogvardeyskaya) to the market

Radio, Electronic and Auto Parts Markets

  • Mitinsky Radio Market (in Russian): One of the first markets in Moscow specialising in consumer electronics.
    • At: Pyatnitskoe shosse 18, Moscow
      Tel: (495) 794 4550 / (495) 794 0578
      Open: Daily, 09:00-20:00
  • Gorbushka Market (in Russian): With official trading posts for many world-wide electrical brands.
    • At: Bagrationovskiy proezd 7, Moscow
      Metro: Bagrationovskaya
      Tel: (495) 665 4611 (Mon-Fri) / (964) 519 2397 (Sat-Sun)
      Open: Daily, 10:00-21:00
  • Automarket in Abramtsevo: Selling a wide selection of parts for many automobile brands.
    • At: 105th Km Moscow Ring Road
      Tel: (965) 150 6050
      Open: Daily, 09:00-18:00

Construction Markets

  • Kashirskiy Dvor – 1 (in Russian): Large market split into three malls, with a wide range of building and decorating materials.
    • At: Kashirskoe shosse 19/2, Moscow
      Tel: (495) 221 5100
      Open: Daily, 09:00-21:00
  • Kashirskiy Dvor – 2 (in Russian)
    • At: Kashirskoe shosse 1, Moscow
      Tel: (499) 611 5430
      Open: Daily, 08:30-19:00
  • Kashirskiy Dvor – 3 (in Russian)
    • At: Varshavskoe shosse and Moscow Ring Road intersection
      Tel: (495) 388 1388
      Open: Daily, 08:30-18:00
  • Construction Market in Abramtsevo: Selling a variety of goods and products for construction, and interior and exterior decoration.
    • At: 103th Km Moscow Ring Road
      Tel: (495) 234 8040 / (495) 234 8039
      Open: Daily, 09:00-18:00
  • Square Metre (Metr Kvadratnyi) (in Russian): Selling a wide range of decorating and construction materials.
    • At: Volgogradskyi prospect 32/25, Moscow
      Metro: Volgogradskyi prospect
      Tel: (495) 980 2464 / (495) 980 2467
      Open: Daily, 10:00-20:00

Pet Markets

  • Sadovod (in Russian): The largest pet market in Moscow. There is a free veterinary clinic at the market that checks all pets being sold. The market also sells hunting and fishing outfits and equipment.
    • At: 14th Km Moscow Ring Road
      Tel: (495) 355 1800 / (495) 355 0047
      Open: 05:00-18:00
    • For a map and travel directions: Click here (in Russian)

Used Car Markets

  • Formula 91 (in Russian): Displays used cars for sale on commission, helps with the diagnosis and service of used cars, and provides legal assistance.
    • At: 91th Km Moscow Ring Road
      Tel: (495) 730 5730
      Open: Daily, 09:00-18:00
  • AvtoGarant (in Russian): The largest automobile exhibition and trade centre in the Moscow region.
    • At: Moscow Oblast, Kotelniki, sh Novoryazanskoe 6, Moscow
      Tel: (495) 984 5454
      Open: Daily, 09:00-19:00
    • For a map and travel directions: Click here (in Russian)

Art and Antiques Markets

Antiques markets are often called “bloshinyi rynok” (flea market).

  • Izmaylovskyi Rynok: A tourist-oriented market with wide selection of antique and old articles as well as souvenirs, paintings and handcrafted items.
    • Metro: Partizanskaya, then 10 minutes’ walk towards “Izamailovskiy” hotel
      Open: Daily, 09:00-18:00
  • Levsha in Novopodrezkovo: Thousands of art and antique articles for sale.
    • At: Molozhaninovskiy rayon, sh.Novoskhodnenskoe, vladenie (estate) 166, Moscow
      Open: Weekends, 06:00-18:00