Playing Golf in Russia

Information for golfers on golf courses, regulations and organisations in Russia…

Golf is the newest addition to the list of sports played in Russia and is generally considered a pastime for the affluent. This is not only because of golf’s exclusive appeal, but also as there are not many facilities in the country, and those there are have had a lot of money invested in them. Former World No.1 tennis player and Olympic champion, Evgeny Kafelnikov moved into golf after finishing his tennis career and is now one of the main proponents of this sport.

The country’s first golf club opened in 1987 and is located in the upper-class area in the west of Moscow. Russia now has over a dozen working golf courses; two are located in St Petersburg, four in other regions and the rest in and around Moscow. However, not all of them have websites.

Most clubs have driving ranges as well as courses. Handicap requirements vary, as well as requirements to be a member. Non-members are usually allowed to practise and play on weekdays, with weekends being subject to availability. As of January 2013, golf lessons can be taught at Russian schools.

  • For more information from the Russian Golf Association: Click here (in Russian)

Golf Clubs in Moscow

Golf Clubs in St Petersburg

Golf Clubs in the rest of Russia

Golf Handicaps

To obtain a handicap, a person should:

  • Pass a test at one of the golf clubs (such as Moscow City Golf Club, Pirogovo, Agalarov or Tseleevo)
  • Provide a handicap registration from the native country (for foreign nationals)
  • Supply a golfer’s scorecard for the last three matches
  • Pass a golf rules test on the website of Russian Golf Association (in Russian)
  • Fill in a registration form
  • Pay a registration fee (ranging R.1,000-2,000 in 2012)
  • For information on handicaps of Russian golfers: Click here

Golf Vocabulary

English Russian
Golfer’s scorecard Schyotnaya kartochka gol’fista / ??????? ???????? ?????????
Golf rules test Test na znanie pravil gol’fa / ???? ?? ?????? ?????? ??????
Handicap Gandikap / ????????
Registration fee Registratzionnyi vznos / ??????????????? ?????
Registration form Registratzionnaya forma / ???????????????