Outdoor Activities in Moscow

Information on the facilities in Moscow for outdoor activities: parks and gardens, cycling and winter sports…

Parks and Gardens

Moscow has many parks and gardens to enjoy. There are over 100 parks and estates in the city and many more gardens and squares. Attractions include wildlife and nature parks, with botanical gardens, zoos and forest trails, and leisure and memorial parks with landscaped gardens, lakes, watersports and beaches.

Gorky Park

Officially known as The Central Park of Rest and Culture Named After M. Gorky, this is possibly the most famous park in Moscow. Cycles and pedal car rental centres are available in the park as well free yoga and fitness lessons in the summer months. Boating, horse riding, tennis and bungee jumping are among the facilities on offer, and ice skating and skiing are major attractions in the winter. The park also features free Wi-Fi and rental of sun loungers at the beach area.
The park is open all year round, and entrance is free.

  • Gorky Park
    : Ul. Krymskiy Val 9, Moscow
    Tel: (499) 237 0707 / (499) 237 1251
    Metro: Park Kultury, Oktyabr'skaya stations
    Open: Daily 10:00-22:00

Tsaritsyno Park

This nature reserve, landscape park and museum is most famous for its palace built for the Russian empress Catherine the Great in the 18th century. Tsaritsyno is a popular location for hiking in the summer months, while in winter it offers sledging, skiing and skating. Skis, skates, sledges, Segways and electric carts are available for hire. Entrance to the park is free.

Kolomenskoye Park

Kolomenskoye Park is one of the oldest in Moscow and houses a variety of historic buildings located on the site of an ancient settlement. The park offers horse riding, rental of electric carts, excursions and river tours. Cycling and roller-skating is prohibited in the park, however. Entrance is free of charge.

Victory Park (Park Pobedy)

Victory Park is a relatively new park built to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the end of World War II. There is an open-air museum of war vehicles, a Victory Monument and WWII museum here. Victory Park is popular with cyclists, roller-skaters and joggers. It is also very popular on national holidays, especially on Victory Day. Entrance is free.

  • Victory Park
    : Ul. Bratyev Fonchenko 7, Poklonnaya Gora, Moscow
    Metro: Park Pobedy

Izmaylovskiy Park

Izmaylovskiy Park consists of two parts: the woodland park area and the amusement park area. The woodland zone is home to a variety of wildlife suited to its forest, river and marshland habitats. The amusement park zone offers roller-skate rentals, various amusements and boat trips. During the winter months the park is a popular location for skiing and skating. Entrance to the park is free.

  • Izmaylovskiy Park (in Russian)
    At: Nardonyi prospekt, 17
    Tel: (499) 166 6119
    Metro: Partizanskaya

Main Botanic Garden (Glavniy Botanicheskiy Sad)

There are five botanical gardens in Moscow, this being the largest. It is officially known as The Russian Academy of Sciences' Main Botanical Gardens, and is adjacent to the All-Russia Exhibition Centre. Over 20,000 species of plant life from around the world are cultivated within the many collections. Guided tours are available.

  • Main Botanic Garden (in Russian)
    At: Ul. Botanicheskaya 4, Moscow
    Tel: (499) 977 9145
    Open: May to October 10:00-20:00 (except Monday and Tuesday)

Botanic Garden of Lomonosov MSU

This botanic garden is the oldest in Russia, with its origins in the apothecary garden created under the instruction of Peter I in 1706. The gardens are now maintained by Lomonosov Moscow State University.

  • Botanic Garden of Lomonosov MSU (in Russian)
    At: Prospekt Mira 26, Moscow
    Tel: (495) 680 5880
    Open: May to August 10:00-22:00, September, October 10:00-21:00, November to April 10:00-19:00


Recreational cycling in Moscow's parks and forests is a popular activity among Muscovites. Many of the parks and gardens mentioned above allow cycling and cross-country cycling is also available.

Elk Island (Losinyi Ostrov)

Elk Island is a national park with scenic asphalted cycle paths. Wild animals, such as elks and boars live within the park. The cycle route is 27 Km long.

  • At: Korolev, ul. Ordzhonikidze, Moscow
    Metro: Ulitsa Podbelskogo
  • For a map of the Elk Island cycle route: Click here

Silver Forest (Serebryanyi Bor)

This is a forest and recreational park with asphalted cycle paths running through the forest. The cycle route is 12 Km long.

  • Silver Forest
    At: Prospekt Marshala Zhukova, Moscow
    Tel: (495) 789 2570
    Metro: Oktyabr'skoe Pole
  • For a map of the Silver Forest cycle route: Click here

Strogino Beach

This cycle track runs along Moscow River, passing by the popular beaches at Strogino. The cycle route is 3.3 Km long.

  • Metro: Strogino
  • For a map of the Strogino beach cycle route: Click here

Moscow Canal

The cycle track running along the Moscow Canal passes by floodgates and the museum of Naval Forces. The route is 11 Km long.

  • Metro: Oktyabr'skoe Pole
  • For a map of the Moscow Canal cycle route: Click here

Winter Sports

Although the countryside around Moscow is not mountainous, there are several places where skiing and snowboarding are possible. Skiing is also available in many parks and gardens of Moscow during the winter months, and is a very popular activity with Muscovites.

  • Russian Skiing School (in Russian): The school has five slopes which are all are open for free skiing. It also offers equipment rental and training courses.
    • At: Bumazhnyi proezd, 14/1 (Central Office), Moscow
      Tel: (499) 257 3365
  • Vorobievy Gory
    : Ul. Kosygina 28, Moscow
    Tel: (495) 939 0961
  • Novo-Peredelkino
    : Proektiruemyi prozed 635, 9/1, Moscow
    Tel: (495) 435 0138
  • Severnoe Butovo
    : Ul. Starochkalovskaya 22, Moscow
    Tel: (903) 796 0956
  • Sevastopolsky Prospekt
    : Sevastopolsky prospekt 66, Moscow
    Tel: (903) 796 0774
  • Kurkino
    : Ul. Dolina reki Skhodnya, Landyshevskaya, Moscow
    Tel: (903) 796 0910