Sailing in Moscow

Information about sailing near Moscow, with details of the clubs and marinas and links to sailing associations in the area...

Sailing and boating is quite popular in Moscow, in spite of the lack of direct access to the sea. There are many yacht clubs in Moscow providing mooring and boat rental opportunities.

Boat Registration

Every vessel weighing above 200 Kg and/or powered by a motor greater than 10 h.p (8kW) must be registered. The registration of boats is performed by the State Small Boat Inspectorate Administration (Gosudarstvennaya Inspektsiya po Malomernym Sudam).

Documents required for registration

  • Passport or ID (residence permit for foreign citizens)
  • Documents confirming the ownership of the vessel
  • Vessel certificate

There is also a one-off registration fee.

Sailing Licence

Every owner of a boat or yacht must undergo theoretical and practical training courses and pass examinations in order to obtain a sailing licence.

There are several types of sailing licence:

  • Small size vessel licence
  • International Bareboat Captain / Skipper Certificate
  • Captain / Ship Engineer for ships of categories I and II

Training courses are run by independent authorised organisations. Some of these organisations are listed below:

Yacht Clubs

  • Royal Yacht Club (in Russian)
    At: Leningradskoe shosse 39, Moscow
    Tel: (495) 961 8866
  • Shorehouse (in Russian)
    At: Krasnogorsk, 65-66 Km of Moscow Ring Road, Crocus-City Yacht Club, Moscow
    Tel: (495) 727 2577 / (495) 727 2481
  • Admiral (in Russian)
    At: Moscovskaya oblast, Mytischinskiy rayon, derevnya Gribki, ul. Admiralksaya, estate 1, building 1
    Tel: (495) 925 7702 / (495) 579 2183
  • Avrora (in Russian)
    At: Dolgoprudnyi, ulica Naberezhnaya 22, Moscow
    Tel: (495) 739 2081
  • Pestovo Golf and Yacht Club
    At: Moscovskaya oblast, Mytischinskiy rayon, Fedoskinskoe, derevnya Rumyantsevo, ulica Nikol'skaya, estate 1, building 1
    Tel: (495) 739 2020
  • Pirogovo Yacht Club (in Russian)
    At: Mytischinskiy rayon, Klyaz'minskoe vodokhranilische 3a, Moscow
    Tel: (495) 223 2200
  • "Scarlet Sails" (Alye Parusa) (in Russian)
    At: ul. Aviatsionnaya 79/1, building 2, Moscow
    Tel: (495) 925 8599 / (495) 995 6622 / (495) 995 4333
  • "Gals" (in Russian)
    At: Ostashkovskoe shosse, Bolotino
    Tel: (495) 739 7538