Banking in Russia

Information on opening a bank account in Russia, what documents to provide, credit and debit cards, payment methods, cheques and more…

The banking sector in Russia consists of a number of major retail banks, both state-owned and privately held, as well as many other smaller banks. All are generally safe and efficient, although the majority of people prefer to bank with well-established state-owned or private banks. Competition is usually strong for services such as mortgages and personal credit.

Banks in Moscow and St Petersburg are the most likely to have English-speaking staff (usually at the central branches), especially those with an English website.

Problems can occur when small or private banks operate a policy that is very different to that of most retail banks. It is always worth making sure that a bank’s policies are understood before using its services.

Main Banks

Below is a list of some of the most well-known banks in Russia.

Other banks in Russia

Foreign banks

It is also possible to open a current account with a foreign bank that has a presence in Russia. These include: