Russia Public Holidays

A calendar of the national holidays when businesses, schools, government offices and banks may close and most people get the day off in Russia...

The following is a list of public holidays that are observed nationally in Russia when government offices, shops and many businesses are closed.

Note: If the date falls on a weekend, the following Monday will often be designated as a day off instead.

There are also a number of holidays celebrated in certain areas and among particular religious groups, although these are not recognised as public holidays. These include Easter, Valentine’s Day, Eid al-Adha, Eid al-Fitr, National Flag Day and Orthodox New Year on January 14, according to the Julian calendar.

Public Holidays 2016

  • 1 January - 6 January - New Year's Day and holiday week
  • 7 January - Orthodox Christmas Day
  • 23 February - Motherland Defenders' Day
  • 8 March - Women's Day
  • 1 May - Labour Day
  • 8 May - Day in lieu of January 7th
  • 9 May - Victory Day
  • 12 June - Russia Day
  • 13 June - Russia Day Holiday
  • 4 November - Unity Day
  • 6 November - Unity Day observed