Telephone Numbers in Russia

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For full details of the telephone services available in Russia see the Guide Landline Telephone Services

  • To call internationally from Russia dial exit code followed by the country code and number: 810 + country code + telephone number
  • To call internationally to Russia: Dial local exit code, entry code, area code (excluding initial 0), then the telephone number: 00 + 7 + area code + telephone number

Telephone Numbers

Landline telephone numbers are made up of ten digits, with the first three digits being the city code, followed by a seven digit number, for example:

  • 123 4567 (calling a local number)
  • 495 123 4567 (calling a Moscow number long-distance)

Costs for calls are at a local rate if inside the same area code, while calls outside these areas are at national rates.

Domestic Dialling Prefix

All long-distance calls between cities or areas inside Russia need the inclusion of the prefix 8 at the beginning of the number. This prefix is also required for any freephone numbers, for instance those starting with 800.

Moscow Telephone Numbers

One exception to the above format is for calls made inside Moscow to another number in the city. Since July 2012, dialling Moscow numbers from inside the city also requires the city code to be included before the number.

Calls made from within the codes 495, 499 or 498 to another number in these areas will be charged at the local rate, but calls between these codes and a 496 number will be charged as a national call.

Mobile Telephone Numbers

Mobile telephone numbers are divided into two categories: city and federal. City numbers are similar to normal landline numbers, with an area code of where the number was registered, and can be dialled as a landline number would (not forgetting the usual prefix of 8), but calling this type of number costs more than to federal numbers.

Federal numbers are ten digits long (prefixed with the usual 8) starting with the DEF code (a three digit code always prefixed by a 9) that varies depending on the specific network, for example: 9XX XXX XXXX

The codes for the main mobile providers are:

  • MTS: 910-19, 980-988
  • MegaFon: 920-931, 937
  • BeeLine: 903, 905, 906, 909, 960-64

Area Codes for Major Cities

  • Moscow: 495, 498, 499
  • St Petersburg: 812
  • Novosibirsk: 383
  • Ekaterinburg: 343

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