Permanent and Temporary Residence Permits in Russia

Information on applying for permanent and temporary residency in Russia…

To gain permanent leave to remain in the country, including in cases such as retirement, foreign nationals can apply for a Permanent Residence Permit. A holder of this permit receives most of the rights Russian citizens have, may enter and leave Russia with less restrictions and paperwork than for holders of other types of residence permits, and can work in any region of the country without having to apply for a work permit.

As a prerequisite for obtaining a Permanent Residence Permit, a Temporary Residence Permit must be applied for first, and needs to be held for at least one year before an application can be made for a permanent permit. A Temporary Residence Permit is valid for up to three years.

Temporary Residence Permit

A Temporary Residence Permit (Razresheniye na vremennoye prozhivaniye / ?????????? ?? ????????? ??????????) enables a foreign national to reside in Russia for three years, but it must be re-authenticated every year for the three-year term. The permit is issued by the Federal Migration Service (FMS, Federalnaya Migracionnaya Sluzba / ??????????? ???????????? ??????), although much of the information on the website is is Russian and it is difficult to navigate to the relevant English sections from the homepage. Extensions of the permit are not available.

Holders of the permit cannot be away from the country for longer than three months, and need to apply for an exit visa and re-entry visa to be able to leave and return to Russia. Among the supporting documents required for application of this permit is a current medical document certifying that the applicant and any family members of the applicant do not carry the HIV virus.

In order to receive the temporary residence permit, the applicant should fulfil at least one of the following conditions:

  • Have been born in Russia
  • Have a family member (parent or adult child) who is Russian citizen
  • Be married to Russian citizen
  • Have invested a certain amount of money in Russia (determined by a federal law)
  • Have performed military service in Russia

Permanent Residence Permit

The Permanent Residence Permit (Vid na zhitelstvo / ??? ?? ??????????) can be applied for after two years on a Temporary Residence Permit. It is valid for a duration of five years, but can be extended an unlimited number of times. Like the temporary permit, it has to be re-authenticated every year.

Holders of residence permits cannot be away from the country for longer than three months, but do not need to apply for exit or entry visas, and as for the temporary permit, applications must include medical documentation certifying that the applicant and family members are not carrying the HIV virus.

Again, as for the Temporary Residence Permit, this permit is issued by the FMS.