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With such vast distances between cities, flying is the most convenient way in which to make a long journey. Domestic flights are not up to the standards of most European countries, but do offer the quickest way to get around the country.

The main Russian airline offering international flights is Aeroflot.

Other Russian airlines mainly offer domestic flights, although they also serve a few international destinations. These include:

Moscow and St Petersburg are the main arrival points for most foreign flights, with three large airports serving Moscow and one for St Petersburg. Other cities receive only a few arrivals, with the largest being Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk and Krasnodar.



Domodedovo International Airport is the largest airport in Russia, located 40 Km south east of the city centre. It has a rail link to Paveletsky Station in Moscow. The journey to the city centre takes 40-50 minutes by Aeroexpress and 70 minutes by local train. Shuttle buses also connect to the Domodedovskaya metro station. The terminal is divided into two sections – one handling international flights, the other domestic.

Sheremetyevo International Airport is Russia’s second largest and the hub of national airline Aeroflot. It is about 30 Km north west of the city centre and is connected by direct Aeroexpress trains to Belorussky railway station (35 minutes), as well as by bus and shuttle services to the city centre.

Vnukovo International Airport, which is Russia’s third-largest airport, is 28 Km south west of the city centre. Aeroexpress trains take about 35 minutes to reach Kievsky station.

St Petersburg

Pulkovo Airport is Russia’s fourth busiest. It has two terminals serving domestic and international flights, and is the base for Rossiya Airlines. Located about 20 Km south of the city centre, the airport is connected by regular bus services, as well as by shuttle bus, to Moskovskaya metro station. The journey takes approximately 30 minutes.