Parking in Moscow

Understand the rules and regulations regarding parking on streets and in car parks in Moscow...

Parking in Moscow is regulated by road signs. Parking in a prohibited zone will result in a fine, and the car can be towed to an impound lot.

In accordance with Russian road laws, drivers can park their car on both sides of the street, regardless of the direction the car faces, unless otherwise indicated by road signs or markings. It is illegal to park near crossings, pedestrian crosswalks, under and on bridges, in tunnels and on highways except in specially indicated zones.

Most trading centres, markets, hypermarkets, hotels and restaurants have free parking places for customers.

There are also paid parking lots in Moscow. Some of them are provided by the municipality, others by private companies. Municipal parking cards can be purchased at Moscow metro ticket offices and at Moscow City Transport Company (Mosgortrans) ticket kiosks.

  • To find the location and capacity of free and paid parking lots: Click here (in Russian)
  • For a map of Mosgortrans ticket kiosks where parking cards can be bought: Click here (in Russian)

As of July 2012, the fines for illegal parking in urban areas (on pavements, small areas of grass or in places where parking is forbidden by a road sign) were increased tenfold and are now approximately R.3,000.

Parking for people with disabilities

Under Russian federal law, at least ten percent of the total number of spaces in every car park (public and private) should be reserved for cars carrying people with disabilities. It is illegal for non-disabled drivers to park a car in these spaces. The international disabled badge should be clearly displayed in the vehicle.