Getting a Driving Licence in Russia

Find out about learning to drive and applying for a driving licence in Russia.…

Foreign nationals who want to learn to drive and apply for a driving licence in Russia need to be fluent in Russian. All lessons and examinations are held only in Russian, with no translators allowed.

A driving licence is issued after taking a course of driving lessons (about 50 hours), passing the theoretical examination (a road traffic regulations test on a computer) and then the road test (test track and city driving). The driving course can be taken at any driving school. Exams are held at the State Road Traffic Safety Inspectorate or GIBDD (Mezrayony Otdel Gasudarstvenovo Tehnicheskovo Osmotra Registracy e Exzaminaciony Raboty / ??????????? ????? ???????????????? ???????????? ??????? ??????????? ? ??????????????? ??????). The website is in Russian only.

  • The main office for the GIBDD in Moscow is:
    : ul 6th Radialnaya 2, Moscow
    : (495) 327 9947

After the tests are successfully completed, the licence is issued for the same period as the permit to stay in Russia. If the period of residency is extended, the driving licence can also be extended for the same period without taking any more examinations. Applications to extend a licence can be made at the GIBDD office mentioned above.

Documents required for applying for a new driving licence

  • Completed application form
  • Original passport or other identity document
  • Document confirming the registration of residence in Russia, or place of residence, valid for not less than 12 months
  • Medical certificate of fitness to drive (supplied by all the main health clinics) – checks include eyesight, movement and reflexes
  • Document certifying the completion of training

In 2012, the fees to be paid when getting a new driving licence were as follows:

  • State duty to be allowed to take the exam (R.500)
  • Fee to issue a driving licence (R.800)
  • Theoretical examination (R.60)
  • Practical examination (R.100)

Payments can be made at the GIBDD or at any bank or post office.

Learning to Drive

Courses of lessons are available from a number of authorised driving schools, lasting from two to six months, and cost from around R.13,000 for a package including both the theoretical lessons and the driving lessons.