Buying a New Car in Russia

Information on where and how to buy a new car, and the paperwork and processes involved…

When purchasing a car in Russia, buying from a well-established car dealer rather than from small dealers or private individuals found through word of mouth or newspaper advertising is often recommended. Buying a car privately lacks any guarantee of quality, even if the paperwork seems to be in order.

Some new cars can be driven from the showroom on the day of purchase. Other models may need an order to be placed that can mean a wait of up to 3-4 months before delivery. Local brands, such as Lada, are very popular with Russian drivers and are less expensive than foreign brands, but opinions differ as to the level of comfort, reliability and safety provided. As a result, expats tend to go for international brands. Of these, cars actually manufactured in Russia can be cheaper than vehicles made outside the country, due to import taxes.

Payments are usually made by cash, by credit or debit card or by bank transfer. Cheques are not commonly used in Russia. Finance may be possible from a bank or a dealer.

There are dealers of all major international car brands in Moscow and St Petersburg, as well as in most large cities across Russia. The websites below offer information about buying a new car including price comparisons, credit available, insurance and servicing options. Some sites have two versions – Russian and English – but most are only in Russian, so knowledge of the language or assistance with it is necessary.

Dealers of Main Car Brands

Information Websites

The following price comparison websites list all brands on sale in Russia, and although the sites are in Russian, are not too difficult to use:

  • Auto
  • Kolesa
  • Yandex – a listing of 34 websites where prices of new and used cars can be compared online

To buy a car, foreign nationals needs to present valid ID (a passport) as well as a evidence of a visa and a residence permit. New car dealers will normally assist with the registration of the car.