Finding a Job in Russia

Find out where and how to start the search for employment in Russia…

As well as many people getting recruited or seeking jobs through the usual channels in home countries, it is possible to use the services of a recruitment agency to find a job in Russia. This is mostly relevant to highly qualified and experienced candidates. Most agencies that recruit international applicants request a CV in English to be sent by email or completed on their website.

Networking is another way to find out about job opportunities in Russia. Developing and using personal contacts can be a very handy part of a strategy. This can be done both inside Russia or outside via websites and blogs, or through contacts such as colleagues, friends and relatives. The English-speaking national business councils and social groups run by the various countries represented in Russia can also be useful.

Although some multinational companies use online application forms, a CV and covering letter is the typical way of applying for an advertised job. The covering letter is an integral part of a job application in Russia, and is often a more important tool than the CV for illustrating suitability for the role to an employer. The style should be formal, referring to present and future plans of the applicant, and the letter should always end with a signature.

In addition to the recruitment sites listed above, the following English-language websites show information on jobs, including listings of vacancies:

For Russian-speakers or those with Russian-language assistance, especially for jobs other than using English, there are also many Russian job sites including:

English Teachers

Native teachers of the English language are in high demand in Russia, and as well as advertising teaching positions on general job sites, many online companies offer to find teaching jobs, work visas and accommodation for candidates. The most reputable of these are: