Registering as Unemployed

Information about registering for unemployment benefit in Russia, and the documents required...

If eligible to receive unemployment benefit, the status of unemployed (bezrabotnyi / ???????????) must be applied for. This can be granted to anyone who is older than 16; ready and able to start performing suitable work; without any current work or income (including pensions); and is looking for a job.

To apply for unemployed status the steps are:

  1. The individual has to register as unemployed (preliminary registration) in the employment centre (sluzhba zanyatosti / ?????? ?????????).
  • For Moscow, the organisation dealing with unemployment is:

Department of Labour and Employment of Moscow (Departement truda I zanyatosti naselenia goroda Mockvy / ??????????? ????? ? ????????? ????????? ?????? ??????)
At: Dokuchaev pereulok 12, Moscow, 107078
Tel: (495) 539 5500

To apply, the minimum documents required are as follows:

  • passport
  • labour card (trudovaya knizhka / ???????? ??????) – a record book that documents an individual’s employment history
  • documents about professional qualifications
  • documents about the average salary from the last three months of employment

All documentation should be officially certified (signed and stamped) by the institution issuing them. People who are looking for their first job and do not have professional qualifications need only to submit a passport and certification of the level of education achieved.

  1. The employment centre must provide the individual with suggestions for a job suitable for the registered qualifications. Certain terms are set for re-assessment procedures, which the person has to comply with.
  2. If the above stage of finding a job does not produce any results, the individual is then registered as unemployed and is entitled to receive benefits for a maximum of 12 months, during which time the job search must continue, either through the centre or independently.
  3. If during the first 12 months the person is not able to find a job, an application can be made to be re-registered for another term of 12 months and to continue receiving unemployment benefits.

Unemployment Benefits

Unemployment benefits are paid monthly under the condition that the individual is undergoing the necessary re-assessment procedure within the terms and conditions set by the employment centre (usually twice a month).

Benefits are calculated as a percentage of previous average wages, reducing at certain points through the 12 month period, and the law states it should be a minimum of R.850 per month and up to a maximum of R,4,900. Benefits can be stopped in the following cases:

  • two suggested suitable jobs are rejected
  • performing paid public work after three months is rejected
  • the undertaking of training suggested by the employment agency is refused
  • the worker’s employment was terminated for disciplinary reasons
  • the person cancels any suggested training
  • the procedure for re-assessment of unemployed status is not followed