Healthcare for Toddlers and Young Children

Find out about the healthcare services and facilities available for babies, toddlers and young children in Singapore...


Most parents take their baby directly to a specialist paediatric doctor right from the birth and this can continue for about 10 years, after which visiting a general practitioner is more normal. However, it is not obligatory to see the specialist and a parent may register with a GP right from the start.

Birth record booklet

This is the book given at birth to record all medical details, growth and weight charts, vaccinations and anything relating to a child's health. This is normally available from hospitals, doctors and specialists. Proof of inoculations may be required by some schools, so the booklet is a useful record.

Children's hospitals and emergencies

Most hospitals have a children's ward, but there are also hospitals in Singapore devoted entirely to children and their ailments.

Children's road safety

Seat belt laws have been in effect since 1993. If the rear seats are fitted with seat belts (all cars registered after 1993 should have these) they must be used by children travelling in the back. A child under the age of eight, seated in the rear, must be secured in a child restraint. Child restraints should only be used in conjunction with seat belts.

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