Getting Married

Information about the procedures that must be followed before a wedding can take place and what happens on the big day...

Marriage notices can only be filed online.

  • For more information from the Registry of Marriages (ROM): Click here

The following information will be needed to file a marriage notice:

  • Identity cards or passports of both bride and groom
  • Identity cards or passports of two witnesses. Witnesses must be over 21 years of age
  • Solemnisation date and time
  • Address of the wedding venue
  • A fee must be paid

If the marriage is being solemnised outside the ROM then the name and licence number of an approved Solemniser will have to be provided.

A receipt will be issued, along with other important information, such as what do next, where to go and when to go to ROM to Verify the Documents (VD) and complete the Statutory Declaration (SD).

Verification of Documents (VD) and the Statutory Declaration (SD)

A date and time a few working days before solemnisation will be allotted to you to attend the ROM for verification of documents and the Statutory Declaration (the taking of oaths). Both parties must attend together. The marriage documents will be issued at the same time if the marriage venue is at one of the ROM shops or outside the ROM.

Solemnisation of Civil Marriage

Solemnisation can take place in any of the private rooms or in the "Romantic Garden" at the ROM.

It is also permissible to get married at a hotel or in private clubs and homes. This must be organised through one of the solemnisation "shops".

The day of civil marriage solemnisation

On the day the marrying couple must provide:

  • NRICs (Identity Cards) or passports of both the bride and groom
  • Two witnesses over 21 years of age and their NRICs or passports
  • Appointment letter (will be issued after settling date, time and venue)
  • Rings for exchange (optional)
  • Guests

Further Information

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