Animal Organisations in Singapore

Information and contact details for national animal protection and welfare organisations, plus pet rescue centres operating in Singapore...

Singapore has several associations for the care and rescue of stray animals, as well as a club for dog lovers.

  • SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals)
    At: 31 Mount Vernon Road, Singapore
    Tel: 6287 5355.
    The SPCA rescues many animals each year. It re-homes those suitable and humanely disposes of others. They also organise public education programmes and visit schools.
  • SKC (Singapore Kennel Club)
    : 170 Upper Bukit Timah Road, Singapore 588179
    Tel: 6469 4821 Fax: 6469 9118
    The SKC is a club for all dog lovers. They organise dog shows, obedience and agility classes and have a community service where owners can take their pet to homes and hospitals for "pet therapy".
  • ASD (Action for Singapore Dogs)
    Action For Singapore Dogs is a society set up to help the stray and abandoned dogs in Singapore find good homes.
  • The Cat Welfare Society
    : Orchard Road P.O. Box 65, Singapore 912303.
    This charity aims to improve the welfare of stray cats in Singapore by encouraging humane ways to control their population.

Further Information

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Picture courtesy of Singapore Tourism Board