Identification and Registration of Pets

The required procedures for pets entering or living in Singapore including details of microchipping and dog licensing...

Both dogs and cats need to be microchipped to be able to enter Singapore, while dogs living in the country need to have a license and to be properly controlled.

Microchipping dogs and cats

All dogs and cats entering Singapore must be identified with an ISO-compatible microchip. Animals with no microchip or an unreadable one need to have a microchip inserted and the owner will have to bear the cost.

The microchip is about the size of a grain of rice, and is surgically implanted beneath the skin of the animal's neck. It helps to track down lost animals, and trace and control the spread of disease. Every dog that is found and brought to the SPCA is scanned for a microchip.

Note: It is not compulsory for animals born in Singapore (or for any adopted street dogs) to be microchipped, although it is encouraged.

Dog licensing

All dogs in Singapore over the age of three months require a dog license by law otherwise there is a fine. The cost of the licence varies according to the sex of the dog and whether it has been sterilised. An original sterilisation certificate must be produced if applying for the lower fee for sterilised dogs.

Owners must comply with the AVA's Conditions of Licensing and must notify the AVA if their address changes or if the dog is transferred to a new owner.

If an animal is found, the microchip is read with a machine to get owner information (licence tags attached to the pet's collar are no longer required).

Dogs must be properly confined within the owner's premises. They must be leashed and properly controlled when they are in a public place. In some residential areas there are controls on the number and size of dog that may be kept. Again, check with the AVA.

A small one-off registration fee for a dog badge must be paid by all new applications. The licence must be renewed annually.

  • For online application for new dog licences: Click here

  • Log onto the AVA website for licence fees and full details: Click here

Cats do not need to be licensed.

Further Information

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