International Schooling

Find out about the international schools and different curricula available in Singapore...

There is a wide choice of international schools in Singapore and most expatriates' children will attend one of these. Be aware that like in many countries, some of these schools are run as non-profit trusts whereas others are run as businesses.

Many schools start at kindergarten age and will go on through primary to secondary. There are schools where children can take GCSE and A levels as well as schools that focus completely on the International Baccalaureate which is accepted by many universities around the world.

Most of Singapore's international schools follow the schedule of the "home country" school. For example those following a British or American curriculum start the school year in August/September and finish in June/July while those following the Australian curriculum start in January and run the course of a calendar year.

Contact the individual schools for details of how to apply.

It is compulsory for unaccompanied foreign students studying in Singapore to apply for an annual student pass from the Immigration Department.

Note: school fees paid directly by the expatriate's company are taxable under Singapore law.

Bullying and violence in the classroom and school

Bullying is unfortunately still going on in many schools. Schools do take a serious view on this and if it is reported and persistent the bully can expect to be suspended and/or expelled from school. Some schools run programmes by experts who come to speak to children on bullying, how to recognise it and how to deal with it.

Student and scholar help lines

Most international schools have in-house counsellors with an open door policy for children who seek support. These are confidential unless there is perceived danger to the child.

There are two help lines for students who want to talk to someone:

  • Student Care Service for primary to pre-university/junior college students
    Tel: 6778 6867
  • Tinkle Friend Helpline for children from 7 to 12 years of age
    Tel: 1800 274 4788

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