Special Needs Education

Understand what assistance is available for children with special needs in special education (SPED) schools in Singapore, as well as in the mainstream school systems...

Special Education encompasses a range of specialised teaching programmes in special education (SPED) schools which cater for children with autism, or intellectual, sensory, physical or multiple disabilities. Depending on the degree of their disability, some of these children may still be able to cope with parts of the mainstream school curriculum with some support, while others may benefit more from special curricula taught by suitably qualified teachers.

SPED schools are operated by voluntary welfare organisations (VWOs), with the support of the Ministry of Education (MOE) and the National Council of Social Service (NCSS).

Specialist centres are available to test children with potential special needs such as dyslexia and report on the support required. The school will then decide whether special concessions can/should be made. These might involve extra time for exams or use of a laptop.

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Some schools will allow special needs lessons to take place in school in place of the usual compulsory second language lesson. Dover Court is one international school with a more extensive special needs programme with many special needs trained teachers. Parents often choose to set up separate sessions for their children outside the school curriculum.

Private schools offering special needs support

The following private schools currently allow shadow teachers or offer inhouse support for students with special educational needs:

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